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Silica Gel Sachets have silica gel of appropriate particle size, heat sealed in a non woven fabric (paper) and then stitched in a perforated cloth of cotton.

Silica Gel packed is tough which can resist friability test. As per the result, the silica gel do not pass through the packing material and also does not disintegrate into fine particles.

During the exact time, the packing material is porous to moisture content of the atmosphere to facilitate the dehumidifying or drying process. The material which abide by the packing material requirement are perforated cloth or non woven fabric.

The silica gel sachets are packed by utilizing the heat sealing process or are sewn by machines.

We manufacture a series of standard sizes Silica Gel Sachets using both non-indicating (white) or indicating (blue)silica gel. Sachets using indicating silica gel has blue tinge in activated state. In case of non-indicating, it does not give such indication.

An active self indicating (blue) silica gel sachet give a clear sign that a product is safe from further detoriation from moisture.

All sachets have a print that read “ DESICCANT SILICA GEL – DO NOT EAT” and other instructions are also printed as the recommendations from clients. These packs can also be printed with the text matter given by you with the logo for your organization visibility.

We offer perforated cotton sachets, that are suited for certain applications that need comparatively larger quantity of silica gel that can range from 25 gram to 1 kilogram to bear the weight of silica gel. Range from 0.5 gram to 100 grams are available in non woven fabric sachets.

Note: The above sizes will change for pillow packs. The sizes can be as customized as per the specfic demands of clients.

Silica Gel have numerous applications as dehydrating and dehumidifying agent and the primary application is to prevent against moisture attack.

It is utilized as desiccant, anti fungous, water absorbents and rust inhibitors.


  • Maintaining dry atmospheric conditions in pharmaceutical, food, electronic, leather and engineering packing.
  • Offer an useful application in shipping of export consignment in order to prevent the goods from moisture and salty atmosphere.
  • To protect ammunition and electronic goods against moisture damage that includes video tapes, cassettes, cameras, television, motors, engines, welling rods, radio and radar equipment, control panels and instruments etc.

Bulk Packaging for Silica Gel Sachets

For Domestic Market

  • HDPE bags with poly liner in the inside or corrugated box with poly liner inside on client's demand.


  • Fiber Drum with double poly liner on the inside portion.
  • These standard packaging can be modified in case clients have their own packaging specifications.

Molecular Sieves 13 X is accessible in pellets and beads form 1.5 mm and 3 mm diameters packed in 50/100 kgs M.S. Drum.Molsieve 13 X is a Molecular Sieve type 13 X, an alumino silicate that have pore opening of about 9 to 10 angstroms. Molsieve is produced from hydrate aluminum silicate under accurate pressure control and temperature for generating nuclie, a base of X type zeolite. Thus, the crystals cavities are formed have affinity towards selective ions.


  • They can be utilized for removing of water and carbon dioxide from gas and air streams.
  • They can be utilized for removing of H2S and mercaptans from fluid and hydrocarbons fractions.
  • They aid in sweetening of natural gas containing mercaptans, H2S and thiophenes.
  • Help in separating hydrocarbons from air and natural gas.
  • Utilized for separation of N2 from O2.
  • Used for catalyst bed protection.
  • Aid in removing of solvent vapors and water from the inner space of insulating glass units.
  • Act as an absorbent in gas chromatography and in vacuum technique for non-refrigerated adsorption traps.


The Molecular Sieves 13 X can be regenerated by purging or evacuating usually at increased temperature. The purge gas temperature should be sufficiently high to bring the molecular sieve temperature to a level of 200 C to 300 C but not more than 600 C as higher temperature can cause molecular structure physical degradation. The degree of regeneration is directly depends on the pressure, temperature and composition of the purge gas and is a strong factor in affecting product purity. It is possible to dry liquid to less than 1 ppm total sulfur and carbon dioxide, if adequately regenerated.


Molecular Sieves 13 X is accessible in pellets and beads form 1.5 mm and 3 mm diameters packed in 50/100 kgs M.S. Drum.